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We are a small hobby breeder where our goal is to find homes for our puppies where they are loved as much as we do. Our puppies are socialized and played with daily.

The Havanese

Sturdy, charming and sweeter than a Cuban Mojito, the Havanese is the beloved family friend and companion you never knew you wanted. Affectionately known as “velcro-dogs”, these adorable pups seldom leave your side and crave human attention like they crave air to breathe. When Havanese aren’t shadowing their family around the house or snuggled in your lap, they can be found performing tricks or working as therapy dogs. Though the Havanese was originally bred to accompany the Cuban aristocracy, these princely pups don’t mind clowning around – they love pulling toilet paper off the roll and sprinting around the house and full speed. Havanese are easy to train and remarkably intelligent breed. They are seldom aggressive and need little exercise, but they do require regular grooming sessions to look their best. A wonderfully happy breed, the Havanese is a terrific addition to any family looking for a sweet, well-mannered companion

Our Dogs

Ellie – Female

George – Male

Katy – Female

Alex – Male

What Clients Say

My husband and I along with our daughter’s family purchased two brothers, Duff and Mac. Both are healthy and happy. They were very professional and courteous in answering all of our many questions pre-purchase. He obviously has a love for Havanese and shows integrity in breeding and caring for the pups. We highly recommend them to anyone wanting to get a Havanese.